#5 - Net Zero Heroes: CarbonCapture Insights

In this captivating episode of the Tech Optimist, host Mike Collins engages in insightful discussions with pioneers who are not just thinking about the future, but actively shaping it. The first segment features Adam Oliner, CEO of Graft, who shares how AI is transforming practical business solutions. The conversation continues with Adrian Corless, CEO of CarbonCapture, discussing the impactful work his company is doing to combat climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere. Finally, we explore diversity in AI and venture capital with Sophia Zhao, highlighting the strides women are making in these fields.

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Creators and Guests

Mike Collins
Mike Collins
CEO and Co-Founder at Alumni Ventures
Sophia Zhao
Sophia Zhao
Senior Principal, AI Fund & Westwood & Women's Fund at Alumni Ventures
#5 - Net Zero Heroes: CarbonCapture Insights
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